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Hi, I’m Sunil Bhaskaran.

Since 1991, I’ve been reflecting on, designing, and implementing methodologies and systems for bringing a transcendent, creative, and innovative approach to critical aspects of entrepreneurship — especially leadership, sales, marketing and my primary love – global business community building and visioneering to generate collaborative and economic opportunities – unprecedented for the neglected masses of small business owners, experts, visionaries, and solopreneurs.

With the complexity that underlies most efforts of this scale, there are four points to start with to give a sense of what is being created for the benefit of business owners, visionaries, and solopreneurs worldwide:  

  1. I’m the founder of the Global Business Mastermind, innovative and much-in-demand training to help you build an audience locally, regionally, nationally, and globally along with opportunities to collaborate with Sunil’s large audiences and his other generous partners.
  2. I have a Meetup organization of more than 150,000+ business owners and professionals across the US, UK, Canada, and now in South East Asia. The business networking and educational events are available (mostly) at no cost. Membership is mostly free of charge.
  3. I’ve been featured by the CEO of Meetup and the CEO of Alignable in Global webinars on bringing business community interactions globally and online.
  4. I’ve been mentoring business owners and owning businesses since 1991.

I live in the Bay area of Northern California with my lovely wife and musical producer, Glenda Benevides, and I’ve been a radio show host, published author, and in-demand speaker.

I’m also the Director of Strategic Outreach for the Foundation for Climate Restoration — an organization dedicated to restoring the climate to healthy levels for our future generations.

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