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Hi, I’m Vijaya Nair, M.D, F.A.M.S., M.S.

Transformational Health & Business Mentor/Coach

I am Dr. Vijaya Nair, an Ivy League trained physician, Transformational Health and Business Mentor/Coach, entrepreneur, and author.

I am interested in helping entrepreneurs/business owners have consistent and massive breakthroughs in their mindset to achieving Success and Impact in their Business/Life in the way they want with a powerful methodology.

I have personally helped thousands of business owners/entrepreneurs find their life purpose and live stress-free, happy and successful lives through my innovative transformational programs and science-based superfoods dietary supplements. 

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Webinar: 3 Pillars to Transform Stress into Power, Freedom & Balance

Book a session: https://vijayanair.as.me/60min

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New York Enlightened Inner & Outer Wealth & Success Group